Many people can write, but I find that great content and messaging comes from combining great writing with efficient editing and strategic thinking. Bringing these different skills together is where I excel.

As a writer and editor for nearly a decade, I’ve helped architecture and design experts discover and craft their stories (although don’t ask me to actually design anything myself). I’ve also worked  in PR and marketing for an architecture firm, so I know the industry inside and out. I thrive on variety, so I truly enjoy discovering unique and special messaging for every client I work with.

At the risk of tooting my own horn (though really, that’s what marketing is all about), my expertise lies in my ability to listen, take a step back, and look at the big picture in order to help my clients through the difficult task of simplifying and crafting their messaging. It’s not easy to market yourself, and it’s my job to hold my client’s hand as we work together. I think that’s why so many people ask me for advice in my professional and personal life—and I’m happy to help!

Ultimately my goal is to help design and architecture-related firms to further their businesses and programs by improving their brand story. And I do it as painlessly as I can!