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I had an urgent project that needed a trusted project manager with an exceptional understanding of design and editorial ability. Katie quickly recognized my needs, perhaps better than I could. She also lent a spirit of calm that was greatly needed on this particular project.
— Karen Donaghy, Publisher, Contract magazine
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Marketing brings in more business. But more business means using more of your resources, which limits the resources you can use for additional marketing...which you need to bring in more business. How do you break this cycle?

Simple: You hire me to be your one-stop marketing shop.

Whether you need help handling the volume of content you need to produce, connecting with prospective clients, creating project or product descriptions, or generally figuring out how to position yourself in the marketplace, I am here to help.

Every client receives:

  • Background/kick-off meeting

  • Crafting of your Origin Story as well as themes and topics to pitch and write around as it relates to your goals

  • Promotional plan for your business as a whole and/or a specific project

  • Writing + editing services

Or you can opt for specific,
a la carte services like:

  • Content strategy

  • Writing + editing

  • Event strategy/marketing

  • Brand and awards programs

  • Marketing consulting/Promotional strategy

Get your firm back to what it does best: great design. Maybe you are struggling to find more business, or worse, you’re struggling to find the right type of clients. Or your messaging just isn’t resonating with your audience. Or you’re just worried about being burned (because you have been in the past). I’m here to alleviate your fears.

After working with me, you’ll walk away with:

  • Content (feature articles, project descriptions, work to pass on to PR companies or clients)

  • Content strategy (how often to post, platforms to be on, evergreen topics)

  • Ideas for programs and events on how to connect your audience members

  • Promotional strategy (i.e. how to become panelists/speakers, produce your own events, and more)

  • Peace of mind that your marketing needs are being handled, from brainstorming/strategy to project management to final execution


So let’s work together!


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